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Whether with public transport, by car, by bicycle, on foot, find your route. Define your route: toll road or not,quickest or shortest route Estimate the cost of your journey. Our online route planner helps you to plan every trip your make and tells you how much your trip will cost depending on your fuel consumption.

For example, for the trip from New York to Philadelphia, you can choose among different options: to avoid motorways or to use it and/or to show the traffic, or enter your petrol or diesel consumption in litres per 100km to calculate your fuel consumption.

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Maps Finder is a site that helps you to find the best routes and reliable driving directions. Our route planner will help you to: move quickly by choosing a departure city and a destination ; avoid traffic jams and road works and will give you a detailed and precise road map.

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For every kind of journey, Maps Finder will give you all the information you need. In case of traffic disruptions, road closures, we will offer you an alternative route.